Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lovers Lying

Two lovers lie, with no sheets on their bed, and the day it is breaking...

With a U2 lyric in mind and a gently romantic image of a pair of lovers in front of me, I went ahead with this painting.

This was made on my iPad, using the ArtRage app, which I've found to be far superior to other painting/ drawing apps for the iOS. With this one, you can control every minute detail of the piece, emulating realistic, organic tools. You can choose the texture or grain of your paper or canvas, the roughness of your brush and how much thinner is in your paint, you can even create metallic paints. The tool range is far more broad, including the ability to use a palette knife, paint straight from the tube, use a paint roller, you name it. I am so in love with this device and this program, seems only appropriate that I conjured this up for my first creation on it.

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